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Thursday’s Virtual Agenda At-A-Glance

8:30 – 10:15amWelcome/Opening Session
10:45 – 11:35amBreakout Session 1
11:35am – 12:15pmDivision Meet & Greet
1:30 – 2:20pmBreakout Session 2
2:30 – 3:20pmBreakout Session 3
3:40 – 4:30pmBreakout Session 4

8:30 – 10:15am

Welcome & Opening Session


NMACTE President Jeff Waugh
ACTE President-Elect Chaney Mosley
CNM President Tracy Hartzler

Sponsorship Presentations/Thank Yous
NMACTE Board of Directors

NMACTE 9th Annual Awards Presentation
NMACTE Board of Directors

Keynote by Paul Moya
Futurist & CEO, Millennial Labs

Paul Moya

Paul Moya
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10:45 – 11:35am

Breakout Session I

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My Journey in the ACTE Fellowship Program - Apply Today!

Presented by Rachel Knight, 2022 ACTE National Leadership Fellow

The ACTE National Leadership Fellow program is designed to establish a leadership development program for CTE educators in ACTE and assist individuals in further developing their leadership skills in CTE and their involvement in professional associations. This presentation will teach you more about the different ACTE Fellowship programs that are offered and all of the benefits from being involved. The deadline for the 2023 program is September 15th on the ACTE Online Awards Portal, so be sure to start your application before the NMACTE Conference.


Create New Mexico: Bring the Power of Adobe to Your Classroom

Presented by Karn Gustafson, Adobe

Introduction to the Create New Mexico Initiative. Participants will receive information about the Create New Mexico Initiative. This partnership between Adobe and the New Mexico Public Education Department provides the full Adobe Suite of Products to public schools and charters. We will also be providing PD and technical support to schools who choose to participate. If you would like your faculty, staff, and students to have these powerful tools at their fingertips come and learn more.


Accessing Quality CTE Programs for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Presented by Rebecca Galves, NMPED-CCRB Education Administrator and Dana Malone, State Coordinator, Education for Homeless Children and Youths

A growing body of research associates CTE participation and completion with higher high school graduation rates, including for learners experiencing homelessness. This session will help participants understand the McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth Act, increase participant understanding of family/youth homelessness in New Mexico, and discuss strategies for how CTE and education leaders can work together to build opportunities for learners experiencing homelessness to access and succeed in high-quality CTE programs of study.


College & Career Readiness CTE Pathways

Presented by Dr. Melissa DeLaurentis, CCRB Education Administrator (Advanced Placement, Computer Science, & CTE Coach) and Adelita Gutierrez, NMPED CCRB CTE Coach

Join the NMPED’s College & Career Readiness Bureau to discuss CTE programs of study and course sequences. This interactive session will give an in-depth view of CTE programs of study and how to ensure your programs are aligned for accurate performance data. New CTE courses for the 2022-2023 school year will also be covered. Finally, we will review best practices for reporting CTE credentials, CTE dual credit, and CTE work-based learning to ensure your programs get credit for offering high-quality experiences.


Expanding Work-Based Learning with Educator Externships

Presented by Merrilee Saige, LCPS and Tracey Bryan, the Bridge of Southern New Mexico

Building stronger connections between education and industry are vital to our communities and the futures of students. One of the most impactful ways to bridge the divide is through paid Educator Externships with employers. Educators are able to gain valuable hands on experience of day to day operations, educational requirements of staff, and company culture. This vital information can then be shared with the students they work with daily. Learn how The Bridge of Southern New Mexico launched a teacher externship program in Dona Ana County and hear the very tangible benefits an educator gained from the experience.


CTE Certifications, Microcredentials & Pathways - NC3

Presented by Mike MacLean, Advanced Technologies Consultants

Where Education and Industry Meet – The National Coalition of Certification Centers is a value-driven organization and the future model for Career and Technical Education, creating highly-skilled, job-ready professionals through a growing network of educational partners and global industry leaders. In this workshop we will go over the different NC3 Certifications / Microcredentials to help advance your CTE Programs across the board. We will also go over different Pathways for several topics of coverage (Mechatronics, Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Alternative Energy, Construction, etc.).


11:35am – 12:15pm

Division Meet & Greet

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There is an informal networking lunch for the in-person attendees from 12:15 – 1:30pm. Virtual attendees may enjoy lunch on their own during this time and then rejoin the virtual program below at 1:30.

1:30 – 2:20pm

Breakout Session II

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Ready, Set Go! Ready-Made Lesson Modules for the Classroom

Presented by Tammy Cyrus, MBA Research & Curriculum Center

MBA Research’s Learning Activity Packages (LAPs) are ready-made lesson modules and are designed to make life easier in the classroom. They incorporate many skills in the classroom, including social and emotional learning, career-ready skills, 21st Century skills, and more. Come learn about the components of LAPs, as well as best practices on how teachers across the country use LAPs to keep students engaged! With FREE access to 72 of our LAPs, you can start using these lessons immediately, along with gaining access to additional resources that you can add to your toolkit.


Certiport Overview of Products & What's New

Presented by Janette Sayer, Certiport

During this session, participants will learn about the portfolio of exam certifications, learning material, and practice tests offered through Certiport. Certiport works directly with Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and others to offer industry-recognized certifications. These certifications are endorsed by and developed in collaboration with the represented companies. All certifications issued by Certiport hold the official company logo and the signature of CEO of the respectjve company to ensure legiƟmacy. Participants will learn about updates to current products and new products that are on the horizon. We will also discuss the new online system called OnDemand Exams from Home.


Making Computer Science Programs Work

Presented by Justine Chavez-Crespin, Digital Learning Innovation Coordinator, Santa Fe Schools

Discover how SFPS is implementing an initiative that brings Computer Science to 13,200 students in 28 schools by 2025. Our district’s innovative approach allows each campus to create a personalized plan for their students and staff, which remains true to their community’s culture. Computer Science is embedded in every part of modern life but it’s not included in every part of education. The possibilities for students are endless, but getting started as a district can be challenging. This presentation breaks down the challenge into accessible strategies for all teachers in all grade levels. The purpose of this initiative is to increase diversity and inclusion in Computer Science and to allow all students an entry point into STEAM fields. SFPS’s population has high representation from Native American and Hispanic cultures, as well as low income families, which are underrepresented in the Computer Science fields.


Building Future Project Managers Through CTSOs

Presented by Donna Corder, DC Leadership

Project Managers are expected to grow a 33% over the next five years with 22 million new jobs. Creating a project-based classroom, using Career and Technical Student Organization resources, can provide students the basic foundation to begin their project management career. Come learn how to teach the 5 phases of Project Management to help students complete their classroom and competitve projects and provide students with planning tools for life.


Streamlining Federal Monitoring of CTE Programs

Presented by Rick Schmidt and Barbara Armijo, Education Administrators, NMPED-CCRB

The Carl D. Perkins CTE laws require that PED review districts/charters/institutions that receive federal funding for CTE Programs. The College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB) has now consolidated the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) monitoring requirements into a single monitoring review process. Come to this session and find out how the CCRB has streamlined the monitoring process and what to expect when your district or school is chosen for a monitoring review. It’s not as scary as it sounds! We are all in this for continuous improvement in strengthening CTE in New Mexico.


C2C Programs

Presented by Alexandra Lutz, NM-PED College & Career Readiness Bureau, Education Administrator and Breezy Gutierrez, NM-PED College & Career Readiness Bureau, Educatition Administrator

Careers2Communies (C2C) brings standards-aligned career exploration to your classroom or counseling office! The program makes high-quality resources available for free to all New Mexico schools, helping students prepare for their journeys after high school. Participants in this session explore the resources available, including:

  • Career Exploration lesson plans aligned to standards in core content areas, including social studies, science, ELA and technology
  • Student or teacher-guided career tools, such as three different interest matchers, labor market information, occupational descriptions and more!
  • Community Voices videos introduce hundreds of New Mexicans who discuss their own career journeys
  • Online CTE pathway: see how we are building an opportunity for students to complete a Business program of study through the New Mexico Course Consortium
  • Pathway2Careers math: career-focused, standards-aligned, online HQIM curriculum for 8th grade math, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II
  • Quantile measures identify the “math level” of students, curricula and careers. Available for Beginning, Middle and End of year, Quantiles help align appropriate resources, accelerate learning, show growth and compare the math demands of more than 400 occupations.


2:30 – 3:20pm

Breakout Session III

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Integrating Ethics into Your Classroom

Presented by Tammy Cyrus, MBA Research & Curriculum Center

Ethics is the foundation of great leadership. Teaching students to make good decisions based on a defined set of values helps form the core foundation of ethical leadership. Come learn about the ethics resources that are available through the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program. Leave with a better understanding of ethics and access to numerous classroom resources including course guides, lesson modules, and more!


What is Your Destination?

Presented by Kristal McCathern

How to build engaging relationships with your CTSOs to support business and industry. This session will highlight exciting ways to connect students with community stakeholders in order to build long-lasting relationships. We all carry baggage but is it the right one? Learn how to take students on a professional journey by nurturing their professional mindset. Learners should know that professional learning is a lifelong trip. Let’s pack our bags and venture out with a new “state of mind” for serving. The big question is “What is your destination?”


Preparing Students for High Demand STEM Careers

Presented by Ester Minjarez, John Gabaldon, Natalie Garcia, and Terry Koehler, Project Lead the Way

Come to this session to learn about how Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs prepare students to enter the workforce directly from high school and/or go to college in high demand careers in biomedical sciences and biotechnology, computer science and cybersecurity, and engineering. PLTW Teachers receive high quality professional development that is guaranteed if the teacher leaves your district. Grants are currently available to help ALL K-12 schools start their programs and high schools to expand their pathway. Let’s build a vertically aligned pathway to serve all students!


Certifications Secondary & Post-Secondary

Presented by Victoria Denise Ojeda, Education Administrator, NMPED-CCRB

The College and Career Readiness Bureau (CCRB) has identified core indicators of performance for CTE students at the secondary and postsecondary level that are valid and reliable, and that include student attainment of an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or a degree. Learn how credentials and certifications brings value to CTE programs by aligning education with industry needs. Find out what credentials are already on the list, and how to request an industry credential or certification be placed on the State approved CTE Student Industry Credential Codes list.


Employability and Professional Development

Presented by Andrea Arrigucci, NMSU School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

There is so much opportunity in the growing and changing work force. Key skills in what makes you the best candidate for those opportunities and how to best present them through resume, interview and professional behavior will help you make the most of your future career.


The Professional Prism

Presented by Amie Kraenzel, Las Cruces Public Schools

Although the COVID19 pandemic shifted the pedagogy surrounding professionalism, make no mistake, the definition did not change. Professionalism is the way you conduct yourself at work to represent both yourself and your company in a positive way in order to make a positive and lasting impression. This session offers an opportunity to reorient and refresh your professionalism for the post COVID workforce.


3:40 – 4:30pm

Breakout Session IV

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Sharing the Story of Life Skills with Multimedia Resources

Presented by Seldon Short, Pathful Consultant

The World of Work is changing rapidly. In fact, according to a recent Forbes study, content-based skills will lose 50% of their relevance in just five years! Learn what skills will hold our students in good stead for a lifetime! In this engaging and interactive session, learn how communication, collaboration, and problem solving are THE skills that ALL students need to incorporate into their life stories. All participants will be given access to the new Pathful system and learn what resources are available to reinforce these critical LIFE SKILLS. Facilitator Sheldon Short in a Third generation educator and life-long learning who lives in Dallas, TX.


3D Modeling and Printing in the Classroom

Presented by Mario Garcia, NMSU Aggie STEM Connection

3D printing technology is on the rise and learning how to operate 3D printers will be a valuable skill set for the future. This workshop will cover the basics of 3D modeling with the Shapr3D modeling program, slicer program coverage, basic printer maintenance, and the different types of 3D printers. Along with the workshop we will discuss how students can use and learn about 3D printers.


Pamphlets, Posters, and PowerPoints, Oh No!

Presented by Chaney Mosley, ACTE President-Elect

Students are tired of creating a pamphlet, poster, or PowerPoint presentation. Teachers are probably tired of grading them! This presentation will explore how to design authentic student projects that connect learning to the world of work and encourage employability skill development. In this presentation, participants will first identify levels of learning associated with a variety of student projects. Then, they will utilize the Employability Skills Framework to determine salient skills that align with career clusters and lend themselves to student projects. Finally, after reviewing existing project-based unit lesson plans, participants will begin designing their own authentic project-based lesson plan that connects classroom instruction to the world of work and gets students excited about learning!


NM Leads the Way with Career-Connected Learning at Pathway2Careers

Presented by Ricky Williams and Tracey Bryan, NS4ed

Thanks to a partnership between the New Mexico and NS4ed, New Mexico has won two federal grants (with the highest ratings in the nation) to build out a systemic approach to career awareness, exploration, and application. Available to every school and teacher in New Mexico for FREE, Pathway2Careers exposes students to far more high-value careers than they see in their daily lives. For our educators, Pathway2Careers has already demonstrated huge success in both career exploration AND academic gains. Come learn about this first-of-its-kind career-connected learning curriculum, Pathway2Careers, that finally answers students’ most persistent question: “When will I ever use this?”


Getting Creative with Next Step Plans

Presented by Merrilee Saige, Counselor, Organ Mountain High School (Las Cruces)

As students progress through High School, they use the guide of their Next Step Plan to map the way. During the pandemic, school staff had to get creative as they helped students with their plans due to limited in person interaction with students and parents. At Organ Mountain High School, staff was able to get creative by using videos, Interactive Career and Interest Surveys, and JotForm Next Step Plans and Registration forms. Students, parents, and school staff were able to have a better understanding of graduation requirements, potential in Career Pathways, and gain a preview of what to expect in future years of high school and beyond.


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